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… to the first international newsletter from Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD). WiD is an initiative of Germany’s scientific community to promote discussion and exchange about research and science communication in Germany and Europe. Since you’re part of the European science communication community, we thought you might be interested in our newsletter. It provides updates about science communication and projects from Wissenschaft im Dialog twice a year. If you don’t want to receive the newsletter, simply unsubscribe and we’ll remove you from our mailing list. Thank you for your interest and happy reading!

International science communication conference in Nuremberg

Registrations are now open for the 8th Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation. This year‘s theme is international science communication with a stream of the programme in English. The conference is organised by Wissenschaft im Dialog and will be held in Nuremberg Germany from 30 November – 2 December 2015.
View the program and register online

What do Germans think about science and research?

Are they interested in science and where do they get information about research? Wissenschaft im Dialog answers these questions with its annual national survey – the Wissenschaftsbarometer. In 2015 more than a third of survey respondents expressed an active interest in science and 42 per cent said the public should have more influence on decisions about science and research. Half the respondents thought that science should have more influence on policy.
See the results of the Wissenschaftsbarometer 2015

European Student Parliaments debate ‘The future of the human being’

From Ireland to Israel, students are preparing to debate science in 17 cities as part of a project co-ordinated by Wissenschaft im Dialog. At multi-day events organised by partners across Europe, about 2000 students and 100 scientists will discuss topics from synthetic biology to neuroscience and nutrition. The students will develop resolutions which they will deliver to local policy makers. Selected students will continue to the final European Student Parliament to be held in conjunction with ESOF in Manchester in 2016.
Find a student parliament near you

Science year 2015: The city of the future

The German Science Year 2015 demonstrates how research can contribute to making our cities liveable, and sustainably so. Scientists, business and communities must work together at a local level if we are to solve diverse challenges relating to energy, mobility, and the built environment. Together we can build our future cities to support human needs. Wissenschaft im Dialog and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research have organised German science years since 2000 to excite and inform about science and now actively invite discussion about controversial topics in science.
Find out about Science Year 2015

87,000 visitors discover science floats their boat

The floating science centre aboard MS Wissenschaft has visited 40 cities with its exhibition ‘City of the Future’ which matches the topic of the Science Year 2015. The ship, organised by Wissenschaft im Dialog and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has been travelling rivers and canals since 2002. Dialogues on deck give visitors the opportunity to discuss scientific issues in a local context with researchers and experts.
Read about the science ship MS Wissenschaft

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